Sarina Khan Reddy’s video, photo, print and installation work explores the differences within her cultural identity as an Islamic-American woman. Through the lens of her Indian heritage, she explores the new colonization embodied in globalization. Specifically she focuses on how the economic system is reflected in all social formations and how war and militarization are fueled by corporate globalization.

In her video work she is exploring the blurred boundaries between news and entertainment. She uses appropriated footage from advertising, news, and Hollywood movies. She juxtaposes these sources to subvert the original meaning to create new and alternative histories.

In her photo work she explores the perpetuation of the colonialist image, the construction of the exotic, in Disney’s theme park – Animal Kingdom. She asks the questions: What is authentic? What is the role of photography in tourism? What happens when you construct a scene (a spot) for a tourist snapshot? Does this perpetuate the construction of the other?

Her latest performance video work is a deeply personal and yet very public. She engages in self-examination to express her desires, frustrations and ideological views as an American mother and a South Asian diasporic artist. She questioning the dominant ideology around domesticity, hysteria and sexuality in the West.

She has worked for many years with technology and today strives towards the strategic use of technology and media for education and social change. She has exhibited locally and internationally.

NOTE: This site is only a documentation of the work, for digital content please contact: [email protected]