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Smoke Signals

Day52 – Smoke Signals – What happens when you print text screens and make the ephemeral permanent, like a letter? I am interested in the patterns and trends in this absurd form of communication that has become part of our modern identity.. It is like sending smoke signals, no context, no facial expressions, we already as a species do not communicate well, and now texting has become a primary means of communication. Texts are personal, yet the miscommunication with them is universal. What is your most absurd text? 

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I have started a new project at home, as part of my larger MapmyDharmaProject, I am mapping books that brilliantly link one’s own individual story (Dharma) with the universal, and Rushdie is a perfect place to start. I am using old screen prints that I made @smfaattufts and mapping book characters and concepts onto the screen print. The first book is Salman Rushdie Two Years Eight Months And twenty Eight Days or 1001 nights, one of the character’s is Scheherazade,  my alter-ego, which is a doorway to one’s own dharma… This is a prototype for a larger interactive digital media project of mapping my Dharma/path/karma from the individual to the universal.


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