Consumption of Other places: The Pyramids

As Lucy Lippard said in “On the Beaten Track “… and we are on our way to becoming a society of visitors and voyeurs, and commodified actors or targets of strangers fantasies on the other.” This photo was taken of myself in 1991, at the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt. I used this image as part of my exhibition “The Great Game: A New World Order?” – a three channel video installation which explores the new colonization embodied in globalization. Which examines the current glorification of US war technology and the past glory of the British Empire. #mapmydharmaproject Day 66

#museumsnaps #me #egypt #pyramids #thegreatgame #socialdistancingisaprivilege #davisatadistance #mydavis Go to @thedavismuseum for contest details, tag the Davis with a snapshot of “me”. Thank you @evafairchild for an incredible exhibition @thedavismuseum and catalogue, very thought provoking : )