Day 39 – Create New Habits

This week’s revelation is that routine creates habit. With all this time at home, I want to create some new habits to take back into the New Normal. Of course I want to finish some concrete tasks too, but really what is most important for me is not the “Finishing” but creating a routine of new habits. In the first week of this the focus was on rejuvenating a home Yoga practice. Inspired by the Book – Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by GregMcKown A key to starting a new habit is don’t start several habits at once, and what is the smallest finate task that is measurable towards the goal because done is better than perfect. For Me 4 healthy shakes a week in the morning is ✅. #routine #habits #day39 #shelterinplace2020 #morningshake #essentialismbook #mydharmaproject