Photography: Traces of India – In Progress

In this series I am combining historic, British, documentary photographs with personal images of my father. For example one historic British photo void of people, a ruin is complicating by adding an Indian man, my father dressed in Western cloths. This changes the power structure, as these British images of the 1800’s “documented” India as an open-air museum, profoundly in the past, disempowered. As I explore my father’s love of the British Empire and his desire to embody it, I am critically analyzing colonialism and at the same time desiring a discredited history. I find we reinterpret our parent’s lives; their identity is part of ours. I am exploring the politics of representation.

Installation: The Great Game

Great Game Installation“The Great Game: A New World Order?” – British Colonial Installation: This installation functions on three different levels. Firstly, to draw parallels between the British Colonial Imperialism of the past and the “New World Order” of today. Secondly, to raise the attention of the passive viewer who may watch documentaries from the comfort of their living room. Thirdly, on a personal level, the artist is looking at her desire for the nostalgic, romantic crafted image of the British Royal Era. She is questioning her reproduction of an era through the sensual atmosphere of a British Colonial living room and questioning the aesthetics of her consumption? The items within the installation are an important part of the artist and her extended family’s homes. Most of the sepia photos are of the artist and her family.


Three Channel video – playing on three TV’s, powered and synced by Brightsign players.

Video: With Us or Against Us

With Us or Against Us“With Us or Against Us” – This single channel video examines the blurred boundaries between entertainment and the news and the relationship between militarization and the corporate globalization. This piece shifts between footage from the Hollywood blockbuster movie Rambo III and footage in the Oval office of President Reagan meeting with Afghan “freedom fighters” with a subversive ticker-tape at the bottom of the screen. The question of how history is deliberately forgotten is raised through a metaphor of writing and erasing. (5 1/2 minutes)

Video: Civilized

Civilized“Civilized” – This single channel video, questions on many levels what is considered “Civilized” in our media over loaded society of today. This piece consists mainly of sound and an ever-questioning title. (2 1/2minutes)

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