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Day 23 – Yoga is about restraining the fluctuations in the mind, so you don’t go careening into the past and hurling into the future from one second to the next, instead you learn to mitigate / narrow the field of play from the breath to the body

Thank u @Marcstpiere, For a your wisdom and teaching this morning, Your words around Spanda, the Sanskrit concept of pulsation / little picture to big picture, with awareness deciding which aperture to focus on, was just what I needed to ground. For me the Vedic tradition is really obsessed with living a fulfilled life  and what better time than now to rejuvenate my practice which I began over three decades ago. Along the path some significant experiences were your Anusara workshops, which allowed me to appreciate this practice at a new level, and now as we are all looking for a safe place this practice came rushing back in… reminding me the safe place is within each of us, in each breath, in our community. Thank you again @Marc @Yogasakti studio

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